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  Casa Particular: Home stay or Bed & Breakfast in Cuba
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Your no-obligation-yet
Room reservation in Cuba


Few rooms available around Easter Top-Season!
Much better accommodation choice in May

Why Down Payment?

HolaCuba welcomes serious reservations only. By making your down payment you are firmly accepting our offer.

Price warranty

The hosts change the room prices according to market conditions. Down payment fixes the price specified in our offer for you.

Service fees

Cuba has the highest telephone, fax- and e-mail charges in the world. Most Casas do not have an e-mail access.

Also, short stays block longer reservations. Without this fee we wouldn't be able to offer the service to short-stay travellers.
Thank you for understanding.

7 days or more at the same place


Less then 7 days

20 CUC, pre-paid , non-refundable.

Less then 4 days

30 CUC, pre-paid , non-refundable


20 CUC, pre-paid, non-refundable.

Accommodation reservation made simple. No registration required.

(We never ask for your credit card number)

  1. Our offer comes to your mailbox within three working days.

  2. Like it? You send us the down payment of about 20%. Why?

  3. Payment sent? The reservation confirmation comes in 24 hours. The outstanding amount will be due upon arrival.

Reservations Agent this week: Ricardo

Licensed Casa Particular (door sticker in Cuba)
Reservation request
Hint: no booking charge if 7 days or more
Licensed Casa Particular (door sticker in Cuba)

* Location * Arrival * Nights * Persons

Separate beds


Child friendly


Separate Rooms

Air conditioning

Keine Airport pick-up


* First and Last Name

* E-mail

* Telephone                   Call me back

   Voucher code (if known)


* Male/Females setup
  Males      Females

 I don't want to book, just tell me the price

  * Please fill Protection of your data    

Basic Rules (apply all over Cuba):

1. Maximum 3 persons in a room (+ own child OK)
2. Maximum 4 rooms in Casa. Many casas rent one room only
3. Persons under 18 may only share room with own parents or brother/sister
4. Your cuban boyfriend or girlfriend can visit you in your room. But...
5. No visits if two tourists share the same room.
6. All visitors are asked to show their ID.

PayPal payments accepted

Bitcoin payments accepted

1.00 CUC = 0.0001 BTC

HolaCuba rules:
7. Reservation for just one night can get quite expensive (please check the fees on the right)
8. All our casas have a valid license to rent. You can and should present the address of your Casa on the border upon arrival.
9. If you want to make the down payment with Bitcoin please let us know here. We need the Bitcoin payment 30 days before your arrival date.
10. Our reservation agents will never ask you for a credit card number.

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Period of stay CUC
7 days or more 0,00
Under 7 days 20,00
Under 4 days 30,00
Changes 20,00
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Few Casas offer airport pickup

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