From January 1st, 2021 the CUC currency will cease to be accepted in Cuba
All remaining CUC prices on our pages must be understood as US$.

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New from Nov. 01: you can stay 90 days on the tourist card

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Palma Real von Kuba

FAQ: Frequent questions of our guests
1. visa, 2. money, 3. visits


... and the contact form
We are listening to you!

Please ask! It is good to travel to Cuba with all doubts cleared.

We aim to host many happy visitors. We are home stay hosts, however, and not travel operators. We don't book flights. Travel agents will be happy to help you with that.

* Your e-Mail for the answer

* Your phone to check

If your email address has already been registered with us you don't have to enter the phone number again.

Here the most frequent questions (FAQs) of our guests:

Can I receive visits of my cuban girlfriend/boyfriend?

Yes, of course.
Exception: "friends" under 18 years of age. Not permitted in our homes.
Your visitors will be asked to identify themselves (they know it).
New from July 1st, 2008: no visits if two tourists share the same room or apartment. If one tourist rents a room he/she may receive visits as has always been the case.

Can I tell the casa address while asked by the border control upon arrival?

Yes, you should. Legally rented rooms are can be declared as your address in Cuba. All rooms offered by HolaCuba are in a possession of a valid rental license.

CUC - what is this?

CUC is a shortcut for Peso Cubano Convertible. This is cuban currency used to purchase goods in numerous well supplied stores and kiosks (called shopping by the cubans). You will pay in CUC your Casa Particular, Hotel, Bus tickets (except city buses), Taxi, Air Tickets (both domestic and international) as well as the most Restaurants, Paladars und Bars. The value on CUC fluctuates daily, in April 2009 the exchange rate was 1.16 CUC for 1.00 Euro. Please hover the mouse on the top of this page to have more current rates of exchange displayed.

Three Peso Convertible (CUC)

Three Peso Convertible (CUC)

Three Peso Cubano (Moneda nacional)

Three Peso Cubano (CUP, moneda nacional)

You will be able to exchange the CUC for CUP in every CADECA exchange booth. The current exchange rate is 1 CUC = 24 CUP (peso). And you'll need pesos to purchase fruit and meat at the farmer's market (agromercado), post stamps, basic medicine such as aspirin, cinema tickets, city bus rides, local phone calls, ice, sweets, snacks from street vendors and other goods labeled as M.N. ('moneda nacional', which is CUP).

Currrent Exchange Rates for CUC in a cuban bank

Upon leaving Cuba you'll be allowed to take out up to 100 CUP and 200 CUC to keep it you your next trip. At every airport, event after the passport control, you will find exchange kiosks where you'll be able to exchange CUC (but not CUP) back into other currencies.

There a rooms offered on the street in Havana for as little as 20-25 CUC. Why would I need a reservation from HolaCuba?

For three reasons:
1. HolaCuba guarantees that your room has been rented with government license. You would compromise your safety walking the streets with you travel bags and searching for rooms.
2. Our addresses can be declared on the border upon entry.
3. In the high season there are no 20 CUC rooms available. Without a prior reservation from HolaCuba you would probably end up in an expensive hotel.

Do I need a visa to Cuba?

Citizens of most countries need a visa when they travel to Cuba as tourists. Tourist visa will be issued in a form of a loose tourist card, not a stamp in your passport. You will receive the tourist card either from the airline where you by your ticket or from the cuban consulate in your country. We do not sell tourist cards.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day of your entry to Cuba. The tourist card allows you to stay in Cuba up to 30 days. It can be extended one time in the immigration office (DIE).

How far it is from Havana to Holguin, or from ... to ...?

Table of road distances in Cuba in kilometers

road distances in Cuba

Do I have to pay an exit tax on departure from a cuban airport?

NO. This has changed to your advantage as of 2016. But please double check as the law may change again.

Can I take with me the works of art I purchased in Cuba?

Unless it's a new artisan gift you do need a permission to export art work. Please contact Bienes Culturales, Calle 17 # 1009, entre 10 y 12, Vedado, Habana.

How many cigars can I take home?

You may take out up to 50 cigars without any invoice. If you take out more then 50 you must have an invoice from a cigar store in Cuba.

What are the telephone emergency numbers in Havana?

Police 106. Fire Brigade 105

Do you know any surf breaks in Cuba?

No, we don't. Please let us know if you know any. Great surf opportunities in the Dominican Republic though.

Would you advice to take US-Dollars (USD) to Cuba?

Although you may exchange US-Dollars in a cuban bank, the exchange rate is 10% worse then any other currency. Cuba has introduced a kind of penalty rate (gravamen) on US-Dollars to recover some economic losses resulting from the US trade embargo.

Also, credit cards issued by US or US-controlled banks are not accepted in Cuba.

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Taxi in Havana

Taxi in Havana, phone: 8 555 555

Emergency numbers in Cuba:
Ambulance: 104
Fire: 105
Police: 106
Drug unit: 103

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