malecon havanaMalecon, classy!
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double rooms
casa vedadoCasa Prisca
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Double Room weekly priceCasa Manuel
from 175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Varadero weekly priceHostal Azul
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room in Varadero MatanzasCasa Alma
175.00 CUC
per week.
Double room
Apartment Boca Ciega weekly priceCasa Mamuchi
245.00 CUC
per Week.
Apartment Vedado weekly priceCasa Ana
245.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Plaza weekly priceCasa Miriam
140.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Vinales weekly priceVila Cristal
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Trinidad weekly priceCasa Sola
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Guantanamo weekly priceCasa Liset
140.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Santiago de Cuba room weekly priceHospedaje Maria
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Santiago de Cuba apartment price per weekCasa Nydia
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Baracoa Casa weekly priceCasa Nalvis
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Holguin Appartment per weekCasa Olga
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Holguin Room per weekTerraza Yamiva
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
cheap casa in CienfuegosBella Perla Marina
from 175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
casa in varaderoVaradero Niorlan
from 210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Ocean view hotelHotel Coco Playa
from 50.00 USD
per day
Double room
Apartment with balconyJuan Dolio
from 300.00 USD
2 weeks
Beach apartmentBeach apartment
from 4000 RD$
per week
Secure area
Beach bungalowBeach bungalow
from 600 USD
per month
Just beautiful
Luxury vacation3 Bd. apartment
2200 US$
per month
Luxury vacation
Travel in luxury8 Suite Villa
from $14,000
per week
Top class apartmentJacuzzi, Pool
US$ 2,400
per month
Apartment w. balcony
Please not in December No, I won't go to Cuba around December/January because:

♠ Water to cold to swim
♠ Air fares are at the year's peak
♠ Shops overcrowded with tourists
♠ Long waits in restaurants
♠ Domestic flights and buses are sold out
♠ Taxi drivers are spoiled with too many tourists
♠ Rental cars hard to get
♠ My Cuban friends are receiving families from the North
♠ The New Year celebrations stress me out

(TIP: Smart people travel in March-June)

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Good area and yet quiet homestay
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  Casa Particular: Home stay or Bed & Breakfast in Cuba
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Palma Real von Kuba

Casa colonial

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Casa Nalvis

Casa Particular Nalvis in Baracoa, Cuba

Best area in Baracoa. A choice of many Cuba travellers who come tu us each year

  • Best area in Baracoa: just three blocks away to Malecon Sea Promenade
  • 3 minutes walk to shops, restaurants, 10 minutes to bus station
  • Two rooms with air conditioning (A/C) for rent
  • Every room with it's own private bathroom (hot and cold water) for the guest only.
  • Internet access point, bus terminal ASTRO (inter-city) and VIAZUL (tourist comfort) nearby
  • ... but your hosts will pick you up if you come by bus
  • Do you come by car? For 2 CUC extra you can safly park overnight within a closed patio
  • Telephone use extra (only within Cuba)
  • Breakfast, optional, 3.00 - 4.00 CUC per Person
  • Just want to store drinks in a fridge? A complimentary refrigerator is available for our guests.
  • Price: 175 CUC p.w. low season
  • Price: 210 CUC p.w. high season
  • All prices in pesos cubanos convertibles per week and room
  • Two persons pay same as one
  • Yes, you are welcomed as a short stayer (from 1 night). Please check our Reservation fees.
Room for rent in Cuba Patio: relax on Cuba vacation Accommodation in Baracoa Bathroom in casa particular Casa particular for tourists
room for rent for 2 guests

Room for 2 Persons.
A/C included

Room for 2 Persons.<br>A/C included

On the calle Marti street.
Your casa to the right

Panorama Baracoa

Panorama View of Baracoa

Casa colonial

Outside view of your casa

private bed & breakfast in cuba: Patio

Patio in your casa. The open door leads to the living room. Living room is for the guest use only.

Your hosts in Casa particular

Your Bed & Breakfast hosts in Baracoa. If you come by bus they will pick you up at the terminal.

baracoa map casa stadtplan

How to get there?

The Spanish first settlement and capital of the island of Cuba: Baracoa

What else kann you say about Baracoa...? The town has the biggest chocolate factory in Cuba. cacao treest not far away. Every child knows chocolate Peter. And in the central location in town people stop to drink a cup of hot chcolate in the Casa del Chocolate. Christopher Columbus has landed here in 1492 for the first time on the cuban soil. Has erected a wooden cross. Plenty of banana, coconut, mango and papaya trees. Río Miel (The Honey River) to bath in the sweet waters, quite clean water.

A Tour from Gunantanamo to Baracoa? Do not hurry!

Tour of Oriente Cubano

Roads are getting better in Oriente: foto taken 2013 between Guantanamo and San Antonio

Doña Yuya road restaurant

Doña Yuya - a road restaurant just after Imias

Small, clean beach Doña Yuya

Small but clean beach just behind "Doña Yuya"

Charming beach village Tacre

Charming Tacre with clean, natural, beach. Between Imias and La Farola

Taxi trip from Baracoa Airport to Casa costs from 5 CUC (Peso Cubano Convertible). Negotiate!

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Our guest write after their Cuba trip:

Please write, too!
tourists in casaparticular

icordando il bellissimo soggiorno a Baracoa nela vostra accogliente casa, vi salutiamo con simpatia sperando di tornare un giorno.
un saluto affettuoso

Alessandra, Anna, Maurizio, Michele, Italia, January 2012


Tourist, Deutschland, Dezember 2011

Hallo, beim Taxipreis von Baracoa Flughafen ins Zentrum muss sich ein Fehler eingeschlichen haben. 30 CUC!!! Soviel kostet nicht mal ein Taxi für die rund 25 km vom Flughafen Havanna in die City!

Karl, Schweiz, April 2011

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Taxi in Havana

Taxi in Havana, phone: 8 555 555

Emergency numbers in Cuba:
Ambulance: 104
Fire: 105
Police: 106
Drug unit: 103

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