malecon havanaMalecon, classy!
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double rooms
casa vedadoCasa Prisca
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Double Room weekly priceCasa Manuel
from 175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Varadero weekly priceHostal Azul
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room in Varadero MatanzasCasa Alma
175.00 CUC
per week.
Double room
Apartment Boca Ciega weekly priceCasa Mamuchi
245.00 CUC
per Week.
Apartment Vedado weekly priceCasa Ana
245.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Plaza weekly priceCasa Miriam
140.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Vinales weekly priceVila Cristal
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Trinidad weekly priceCasa Sola
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Guantanamo weekly priceCasa Liset
140.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Santiago de Cuba room weekly priceHospedaje Maria
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Santiago de Cuba apartment price per weekCasa Nydia
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Baracoa Casa weekly priceCasa Nalvis
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Holguin Appartment per weekCasa Olga
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Holguin Room per weekTerraza Yamiva
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
cheap casa in CienfuegosBella Perla Marina
from 175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
casa in varaderoVaradero Niorlan
from 210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Ocean view hotelHotel Coco Playa
from 50.00 USD
per day
Double room
Apartment with balconyJuan Dolio
from 300.00 USD
2 weeks
Beach apartmentBeach apartment
from 4000 RD$
per week
Secure area
Beach bungalowBeach bungalow
from 600 USD
per month
Just beautiful
Luxury vacation3 Bd. apartment
2200 US$
per month
Luxury vacation
Travel in luxury8 Suite Villa
from $14,000
per week
Top class apartmentJacuzzi, Pool
US$ 2,400
per month
Apartment w. balcony
Please not in December No, I won't go to Cuba around December/January because:

♠ Water to cold to swim
♠ Air fares are at the year's peak
♠ Shops overcrowded with tourists
♠ Long waits in restaurants
♠ Domestic flights and buses are sold out
♠ Taxi drivers are spoiled with too many tourists
♠ Rental cars hard to get
♠ My Cuban friends are receiving families from the North
♠ The New Year celebrations stress me out

(TIP: Smart people travel in March-June)

Learn dance in Cuba
Private Classes

More then just salsa
Professional dance teacher
Private Room for rent in Cuba (Casa Particular) HolaCuba
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Palma Real von Kuba

Professional Dance Classes
individual lessons


Learn on your vacation
in Havana, Cuba

You want to learn dance in Cuba?

Dance classes on professional level

Professionan dance classes in Cuba

Everyone can dance in Cuba. If you just want to learn a few basic salsa steps, you don't need professional dance classes. Every new friend you meet on the street will be able to teach you dancing they have grown with.

This is an offer for ambitious beginners and advanced dance students who want to take private lessons to raise their level of dance proficiency. Led by internationally recognized choreographer and dancer the classes will enhance your skills in a unique, rewarding once-in-your-lifetime experience.

Here is the program to choose from:

  • Traditional Dance: Contredanse, Danzon, Son, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Pilon, cuban Zapateo, Conga
  • Afro-cuban folk dance: Dancind for the Orishas (the gods of the Yoruba religion), Palo and Macuta. Dances of the Conga religion
  • Rumba: Guaganc�, Yamb� and Columbia
  • Dance & Rumba: together with Cajón Percussion classes
  • Salsa: introduction to cuban and latin-american salsa
  • Modern Dance (including technics, physical preparation, improvisation and composition)

About Sandra Rami, Cuban dancer, instructor and choreograph:

Sandra Rami Dance teacher and choreograph

... have completed my studies at the National School of Arts of Cuba (ENA) in 1994. After that woked in the following Ensembles: in Dance Ensemble Retazos (1994-197), as participant of the Chispa project in "Teatro Estudio" (1997-1998) and in Ensemble "Teatro Publico" from 1998.

... from 2000 was a guest at Ensemble Constanza Macras in play "Wilde Schweiz (Germany, 2000), at Ensemble "Argos Teatro" in children play " "Danke, Oma" (Cuba, 2001 and 2002), at the Theater group "El Puente" in the play "Monologe der Scheide" (Cuba, 2002) and at the Ensemble "Danza Abierta" in the play "Drink smoke made in Havana" (Cuba, Germany and Luxemburg 2004, 2005) and have worked as movement conusltant in the works of the Ensembles Teatro Publico, Argos Teatro and Danza Abierta.

... taught: "Technics, composition and improvisation" in the Summer-School of the NYU (New York University), in Havana's Ludwig-Stiftung doing "Improvisation workshop" (2002, 2003), "Improvisation workshop Anna Pavlova" in the Centro de Danza en la Habana (2006), "Composition and Improvisation" course at the Department of Dance in the Arts Academy of Cuba (Havana, 2008), Workshop "Dance in Question" (composition) in the event "Dance at Works" in the National Council for Stage Arts in Cuba (Manzanillo, 2009) and as a trainer of the Ensemble "Danza Abierta" in 2006-2007.

... have directed the following theater plays: "Como" (1998), "De eso no se habla" (1999), "Busca la cabeza con el pie" (2002), "Detrás de Nadie" (Cricits prize Villanueva, 2005), "Algunos Ritos Inútiles" (2007), "Cabaret de reparaciones imprevistas", "Ser o no Ser" (improvised play, 2007), "Ave María" (performance, 2009), "Didáctica" (Video-Performance, 2009).

... participated as dancer or choreographer in the events and festivals: in "Festival Cervantino" (Guanajuato, Mexico, 1995), in "Festival de Teatro de Manizales" (Columbia, 1996), in competition "Solamente Solos" (Holguin, Cuba, 1999), for the the later received the Prize for Choreography. In "Festival Internacional de Londrina" (Brasil, 2000), in "Marató del espectacle" (Barcelona, 2000), in "Dias de la Danza" in the Festival Grec (Barcelona, 2000), in "Festival de Teatro de la Habana" (Cuba, 1999, 2001), in the "Bienal de Danza" (Havana, Cuba, 2007), in "Diálogos" (Mexico, 2008) and in the "Bienal de la Habana" (Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba, 2009).

How much the classes cost?

The lessons carry a fee of 15,00 CUC per hour (60 Min) and student

Special price for guests of HolaCuba who make reservation of 2 or more weeks with us: 12,00 CUC per hour.
Important condition: please request the HolaCuba discount when you make your room reservation with us.

And how much is it...?
  • Classes for adults and children from 6 years of age
  • The lessons include rhythm exercises to prepare the body and the acoustics to understand different rhythms
  • Location: Habana Playa, in the proximity of hotels Comodoro, Melia Habana, Occidental Miramar and Panorama.
  • Time: from 13h00 to 16h30 or from 19h30 to 20h30
  • Earlier hours or different locations... please ask for the quote.
  • Class organization: your particular interests will certainly be considered
  • Language: Spanish & English
  • Language: Spanish & English
  • Address: Havana 5TA. B No. 9219 entre 92 y 94. PLAYA.
  • Phone: 202 11 69
Everyone can dance in Cuba...
leute tanzen in kuba

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