malecon havanaMalecon, classy!
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double rooms
casa vedadoCasa Prisca
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Double Room weekly priceCasa Manuel
from 175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Varadero weekly priceHostal Azul
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room in Varadero MatanzasCasa Alma
175.00 CUC
per week.
Double room
Apartment Boca Ciega weekly priceCasa Mamuchi
245.00 CUC
per Week.
Apartment Vedado weekly priceCasa Ana
245.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Plaza weekly priceCasa Miriam
140.00 CUC
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Double room
Room Vinales weekly priceVila Cristal
175.00 CUC
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Double room
Room Trinidad weekly priceCasa Sola
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Room Guantanamo weekly priceCasa Liset
140.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Santiago de Cuba room weekly priceHospedaje Maria
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Santiago de Cuba apartment price per weekCasa Nydia
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Baracoa Casa weekly priceCasa Nalvis
210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Holguin Appartment per weekCasa Olga
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Holguin Room per weekTerraza Yamiva
175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
cheap casa in CienfuegosBella Perla Marina
from 175.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
casa in varaderoVaradero Niorlan
from 210.00 CUC
per Week.
Double room
Ocean view hotelHotel Coco Playa
from 50.00 USD
per day
Double room
Apartment with balconyJuan Dolio
from 300.00 USD
2 weeks
Beach apartmentBeach apartment
from 4000 RD$
per week
Secure area
Beach bungalowBeach bungalow
from 600 USD
per month
Just beautiful
Luxury vacation3 Bd. apartment
2200 US$
per month
Luxury vacation
Travel in luxury8 Suite Villa
from $14,000
per week
Top class apartmentJacuzzi, Pool
US$ 2,400
per month
Apartment w. balcony
Please not in December No, I won't go to Cuba around December/January because:

♠ Water to cold to swim
♠ Air fares are at the year's peak
♠ Shops overcrowded with tourists
♠ Long waits in restaurants
♠ Domestic flights and buses are sold out
♠ Taxi drivers are spoiled with too many tourists
♠ Rental cars hard to get
♠ My Cuban friends are receiving families from the North
♠ The New Year celebrations stress me out

(TIP: Smart people travel in March-June)

Is Cuba secure?
Travel information

Safety reports
Low violence
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Is Cuba safe?
Travel information


Little violence...
but watch your bag!

Cuba is is the most secure land in the Caribbean. Visit us! You fill find here less violence then in Miami and less drugs then in Berlin. You will certainly note the police guards on the streets. You are particularly safe in your casa particular. Your host will take good care of your possessions and won't allow unauthorised persons to enter your room. His rental licence might be cancelled if any abuse to the guests would be reported. You can safely leave your notebook in your room. You can also leave your passport and travel documents with your host if you wish so.

Warning: pettty theft, larceny and cheating are more frequent in Cuba then in Europe. Havana and Santiago de Cuba are worse then smaller cities. The thieves target tourist hang-outs: Old Town of Havana (Habana Vieja), the Malecon, shopping centers, beaches. Be on extra alert in every congregation of persons: in the shops just before the counter, or on a crowded bus. Lock your bicycle or your car well. Take your backpack with you when you go to the toilet in a restaurant.

Our Poll, started 03/17/2009

Have you ever been a victim of a theft or a scam in Cuba? The answers to choose:

Ja - Yes
Nein - No
I have never been to Cuba

German Embassy reports:
Compared to other overseas travel destinations tourism is still safe in Cuba. But tourists become victims of property-related crimes. more...

Austrian Foreign Ministry reports:
For tourists travelling to Cuba the security situation is good, espacially if compared to other latin american countries. more...


1. Stay alert in confined spaces and near passageways. Avoid standing near the doorways of buses: they might snatch your purse and run away when the door opens.

2. Watch for their distraction tactics. Pickpockets work in groups and may push you, drop something near you or spill a drink on you to distract your attention

3. Do not ever keep your wallet in your back pocket.

In the unlikely case of emergency (stolen passport) you will need to contact your embassy. Here are the addresses and telephone numbers:

Germany German Embassy

Apartado 6610
Havana, Cuba

Adresse, Telefon, Fax:

Calle 13 No. 652 esq. a B
Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana
Tel.:(+53 7) 8332539, 8332569
Fax:(+53 7) 8331586

Rechts- und Konsularabteilung
Calle B No. 652 esq. a 13
Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana
Tel: (+53 7) 8333188
Fax: (+53 7) 8331586

Größere Kartenansicht

Switzerland Swiss Embassy Havana

Embajada de Suiza
5ta Avenida no. 2005
entre 20 y 22, Miramar, Playa
La Habana 11300

Embajada de Suiza
Apartado postal 604
La Habana 11300
0041 31 324 18 46
0053 7 204 26 11

0041 31 324 18 49
0053 7 204 11 48


Austria The Embassy of Austria in Cuba:

Botschaft der Republik Österreich
Avenida 5ta A No. 6617, esq. a calle 70,
Miramar, Havanna
Tel: (+53/7) 204 28 25
Fax: (+53/7) 204 12 35
Botschafter: Mag. Dr. phil. Johannes SKRIWAN

Canada Embassy of Canada

Cuba - HAVANA, Address: Calle 30, No. 518 esquina a 7ma, Miramar, Havana
Tel.: (53-7) 204-2516
Fax: (53-7) 204-2044

Cuba - GUARDALAVACA, Consulate of Canada
Address: Hotel Atlantico, Suite 1, Guardalavaca, Holgu´┐Żn
Tel.: (53-24) 430-320
Fax: (53-24) 430-321

Cuba - VARADERO, Consulate of Canada
Address: Calle 13 e/Avenida Primera y Camino del Mar, Varadero, Matanzas
Tel.: 53 (45) 61-2078
Fax: 53 (45) 66-7395

Unided Kingdom (UK) British Embassy

Cuba, Havana
Calle 34 no. 702 e/ 7ma y 17, Miramar, Playa
La Habana, Cuba

Telephone: +53 7 214 2200
Fax: + 53 7 214 2268 Consular / +53 7 214 2218 Chancery


Office hours:
GMT in UK:
Mon-Fri: 1300-2030

Local Time in Cuba:
Mon-Fri: 0800-1530


Would you travel to Baltimore, USA? Then you'll be better off in Cuba, because no Cuban city belongs to the top violent location (Baltimore and St.Louis do

city violence

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Taxi in Havana

Taxi in Havana, phone: 8 555 555

Emergency numbers in Cuba:
Ambulance: 104
Fire: 105
Police: 106
Drug unit: 103

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