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Taxi Share:: F.A.Q. [en]

Absolutely! We don't even ask for your destination city. Our goal is to match two persons from the same flight. It is therefore important to type your flight number exactly.
Nothing in 2017. And never if you are a customer of one of our travel stakeholders, such as HolaCuba ™. And never for persons offering a share.

There will probably be a very small registration fee for anyone else, starting in 2018.
A valid email address and your name or nick. Phone/Whatsapp are useful, but optional. These will be displayed along with your offering.
Ask him. He might be travelling alone or with a company, too. We don't know as we don't like asking to many details on the web form.
In most cases 50% each would be a fair contribution for two singles sharing a taxi.

But the final agreement is between the two of you and depends on the route chosen, number of persons on each side and the amount of baggage.
Our recommendation is that the offeror (the person who offered the share first) gets the better deal. But again, the final agreement is between the two of you.
Not really. You can offer another destination. Just write in the message box where do want to go from the airport. But if you offer a route to a little known place, you don't stand a good chance to find someone on the same plane who would also go there.
Feel free to
ask it here.
We value your feedback, thanks.

What is this, Taxi Share?

  94% of flight passengers will continue from the airport to city. Many with a taxi. Most as a single rider.

Does it always have to be that way?

  You can find a taxi co-rider on Taxi-Share. You'd split the fare with him or her and perhaps meet a fantastic travelling soul on the way to your destination. Someone from the same flight!

taxi   You two would meet at the baggage claim at latest, but probably would say Hello even earlier on the plane. The meeting can't be any simpler.

Taxi stand at the airport terminal in Havana, Cuba

Taxi in Havana airport

Important to Cuba travellers

1 Tourists who land in Varadero frequently offer a taxi share from Varadero Airport to Havana. This is fine, you just need to write this as a message in your offering. Taxi fare to Havana is approx. $100 - $120 so the trip is worth sharing

2 Most tourists go from the Havana airport [HAV] to the Old Town (Habana Vieja) or to Vedado. This would be a typical share. If, however, your destination is Miramar please note that this is not on the route to the Old Town and the driver will ask more then the typical $25 (in 2017) for both destinations

3 You'd rather prefer to be spoiled then save? Some casas (Martha, Manuel, Ocean View, Alejandro, Dulce) offer airport pick-up through their house driver.