From January 1st, 2021 the CUC currency will cease to be accepted in Cuba
All remaining CUC prices on our pages must be understood as US$.

Money in Cuba
CUC exchange rates
Travel currency
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New from Nov. 01: you can stay 90 days on the tourist card

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Palma Real von Kuba

CUC exchange rates
Money in Cuba


Euro, Dollar, Swiss Franc
exchange to CUC

The rates updated daily, please click here:

Exchange Rates from Banco Central de Cuba

Money in Cuba. Change it right at the airport on your arrival. Secure environment. Short waiting lines. Exchange rates are the same all over the country.

Three Peso Convertible (CUC)

3 Peso Convertible (CUC)

Drei Peso Cubano (Moneda nacional)

3 Peso Cubano (CUP, moneda nacional)

Money Hint 1: Travellers Cheques are the safest, but have their price. Think of taxi charges when looking for a bank

Money Hint 2: Credit Cards are a little less safe then Travellers Cheques and offer worse exchange rates and high fees.

Money Hint 3: Do not take US Dollars to Cuba. You can exchange them at the bank, but the exhange rate is 10% worse then any other currency. Cuba imposes special 10% charge on US Dollars as a reaction to US blockade.

Money Hint 4: Do not take any travellers cheques or credit cards issued by US banks or US controlled banks.

Money Hint 5: When you leave Cuba you can take with you up to 200 CUC or 100 CUP (moneda nacional) and save them for your next trip.

Money Hint 6: When you leave Cuba you will be able to exchange the remaining cuban pesos at the airport, even after the passpot control.

How much is cuban money worth? Here an example of current exchange rates for 100 CUC (peso convertible):

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Taxi in Havana

Taxi in Havana, phone: 8 555 555

Emergency numbers in Cuba:
Ambulance: 104
Fire: 105
Police: 106
Drug unit: 103

Surfer in Cuba

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